College Textbooks for sale in Buffalo, New York

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I have a bunch of college textbooks to obtain rid of. I'm not providing with prices, just make me an offer. Any reasonable offers will certainly be considered.

Cash or Paypal ONLY.

We can fulfill in the QC and surrounding locations, or I can ship to you.

Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries Volume 2.
Author: Noble.
ISBN: 29.
Condition: Great.

College Algebra 4th Edition.
Author: Beecher.
ISBN: 03.
Condition: Perfect.

BHC Econ 221 Macroeconomics.
Author: McConnell.
ISBN: Unknown.
Condition: Good.

Company Law & The Legal Environment.
Author: Beatty.
ISBN: 2.
Condition: Binding is a small amount busted.

Genome- the Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters.
Author: Ridley.
ISBN: 83.
Condition: Great.

Complete Maus; A Survivor's Tale: Hard Cover.
Author: Speigelman.
ISBN: 83.
Condition: Perfect.

Keychamp: Technique Analysis - Speed Building (consists of CD).
Author: Sharp.
ISBN: 0-0-6.
Condition: Good.

Skillbuilding Mastery: Advanced Keyboarding.
Author: Ellsworth.
ISBN: B0049WYA74 (Not sure if this is correct, it's the only book # I might discover).
Condition: Good.

Human Genetics- Concepts & Applied Applications.
Author: Ricki Lewis.
ISBN: 08.
Condition: Good.

Global Business Today.
Author: Charles W.L. Hill.
ISBN: 17.
Condition: Good.